Bon Ton Style

Modesty, sophistication, elegance and feminity – all these are the defintions of Bon Ton style, conceived in 1940-50s  of the last century.

The legendary icon of this style is  Audry Hepbern. To me, every fashionista should try this look.  The stylish items can be found in both: the designers’  boutiques as well as in such stores as Zara, H&M and others.

Here are some tips on how to create a Bon Ton look:

  • The dresses and the skirts have to be knee length and high waist.

  • The shirts are usually decorated with lace and bows

  •  The trousers or shorts are always high waisted  and there is no place for jeans

  •  No décolleté, high neckline is preferable

  •  Pumps with low heels, moccasins, ballerinas

  • Accessories: hats, hairbands, bows

  • Midlength coats, trenches, jackets

  • Necklaces, earings, bracelets and other jewelry must match to complete the look

  • Frequent color combinations are black and white, black and white dots, beige and pink

  • The bags are usually of black, white, beige, grey or pink colors. The size has to be medium or small.

  • Manicure is always natural or French one.

  • Natural make up with no flashy accents.

Follow this easy steps and your Bon Ton look will be irresistible!

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