How to wear Poncho

Today, I’ll speak about one of the most popular trends of the season – ponchos.

For many years, poncho has been one of the most fashionable outerwear. Historically, poncho was a national cloth of native Americans. The simplest poncho was a large piece of cloth with a round or t-cut hole in the middle for head with colorful ornaments on it. Later, ponchos became very popular across the Atlantic. In the 60’s, ponchos were loved by flower children.

Today, this outerwear comes in dozens of styles and it can make every fashionista look very attractive, especially if they know some simple rules on how to wear  this beautiful and fashionable garment.

So, here they are:

  1. Poncho has to play the main role in your look, no more accents in the complect.

  2. It looks better when the poncho and the rest of the look have some harmony in colors and textures.

  3. You should not combine poncho with volumetric clothes. It’s better to use slim fit contours: skinny jeans, leggings, leather trousers, slim fit skirts and dresses, shorts with the dark tights, you can also wear flared trousers. When wearing poncho, it is advised to wear high heels as they help to make your silhouette taller and slimmer.

  4. Use few accessories or do not use them at all, as poncho itself is a very bright spot in your look.

By using these simple rules, you’ll be able to create your own unique autumn look!

Be fashionable,

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