Orange Style

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Exotic coral, vivid orange and spectacular tangerine are the beautiful colours, which can lighten up your neutral look highlighting you in the crowd.

The shades of orange are not easy to use. I will share few simple advices.

When choosing orange, be sure about what you are going to wear it with. Orange goes well with such neutral colours as: grey, khaki, white, black and brown.

The combination of white and orange is considered to be the best, since the snow white colour intensifies orange saturation, whereas black cools down its bright hue. In any case, you will not regret combining the two: orange-white and orange-black. The bravest ones can be fully dressed in orange, avoiding those combinations. In this case, such ‘total-look’ should be worn with accessories and shoes of different hues. To make contrasting looks, use Ethan’s colour wheel. Blue is the most contrasting colour of orange, since it is diametrically opposite to it.

If you have a bright skin colour, use a vivid orange, but if you are pale, use a cooler and less bright tone.

Women with brown hair and a face with a colour of olives are the most fortunate, because they can wear almost all shades of orange, including bright, tropical and warm tones. If you think that orange does not suit you, you are most definitely mistaken! Orange can give you the joy of life and cheer you up. Get the stylish orange belt, bag or shoes, or put a ribbon in your hair of a similar shade, after all get yourself an orange bracelet or necklace. All these accessories will successfully revive your everyday look.

Thin and soft shades of orange can be advantageous for a business look and everyday surroundings. If you plan to wear something orange, try to choose simple and natural shades of makeup, avoid bright, pretentious shadows and lines. With this sunny and vibrant hue, it is important to be able to combine such a make-up, which will only slightly enhance the beauty of the face and allow to focus on the body. There are so many orange shade variations that almost any woman can find a large number of suitable for her tones and semitones, which will allow her to look perfect. 

If you like to wear bright colour clothes and want to try a new color, add a drop of orange into your wardrobe, at least in the form of orange designs on a neutral background. 

Once you get used to this bright and vibrant colour, you will be ready to make bigger purchases of something fully orange. And then you will dazzle all around with your bright beauty!

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