Wide Pants

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

My dear fashionistas! As you may know, vintage is one of the most popular fashion styles. One of the main representatives of this trend are wide pants. Luckily for us, women, it is suitable for almost all types of bodies.

Coco Chanel was the first to introduce such pants in the distant 1920’s of the 20th Century. She herself preferred white palazzo pants. In 1940s pants became popular, as they allowed women to work in factories during the WWII. In 1950s Christian Dior also included wide pants in his collections. This trend existed until Audrey Hepburn’s introduction of “cigarette” pants. It was only in 1970s when Yves Saint Laurent re-introduced wide pants, changing the silhouette by adding flare. In 1980s women started wearing suits, and so the wide pants victoriously continued their way to the modern history. Today they again break into the world’s catwalks and offer a huge amount of variations inspired by different historical periods. So just pick the right pair and mix it with any kind of shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, sweaters, high heels or snickers and look gorgeous!

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